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Many magazines promote and publish the well known brands and faces. From television, to artist, to big brands. If businesses like ours wanted to get into those top magazines we'd  have to pay thousands of dollars, if not know someone. IKD-MAG is an upscale digital magazine owned by I-Kandi Designs, an up and coming fashion company. We look for everyday people and businesses that want to make a difference and get their names out there without breaking the bank. We want to talk about those business owners and people that we don't know but would love to support. Those everyday people that are within our reach and we may see in passing or like a post on social media. Those everyday people just like us. We are bringing fashion to a new corporate level. Our magazine is Motivating, Inspiring but most of all offers business opportunities. We are excited to show you the birthing of our brands, A Royal Family Brand.

To advertise and get your business in our magazine see details below. We look forward to working with you while starting a new and exciting relationship!


An Upscale Digital Magazine

Owned by 

I'Kandi Designs.

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Our Business Ambassadors

Kweens Royal Tees


If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.  Social:IG@kweensroyalteesllc  KommU.N.I.T.Y 

The Style Lyfe


The Style Lyfe was created to help people with self love and confidence through style and fashion tips. We

aren't an ordinary company who wants to just take, we really want to leave each client we work with having a

true signature style.


IG: @thestylelyfe

FB: @thestylelyfe

BSavage Apparel


This business was created with “EVERYONE” in mind! BSavage is jorbuust for the bold but the timid as well here you will find everything you’re looking for and more, Please lookout for Jhene’Dior Designer Kids Collection coming in #2020

Lady Anonymous Heiress Alexis Allday  BSavage Apparel  On all social platforms! #BSavageNotAverage 

Jay's Beauty


The mission of Jay's Beauty is to make each and every person feel beautiful. Whether that is sharing a beauty tip online, teaching women how to apply makeup, or transforming the view that women have on themselves. No matter what a person looks like, or how much money they have, our goal is to make them feel beautiful & embrace the skin that they were blessed in. We are 'Moore Than Makeup.' IG: beauty.jays Facebook: Jay's Beauty


We're a cost alternative options  for decorative props & make various crafts for business needs.

Craftsemble provides cost alternative options  for decorative props. I make various crafts for home, wedding, birthday and baby decor as well as other decorative sings for your business needs. You can find door wreath and wall signs from the home collection, giant 3D letter tables, cursive letters and numbers from the party collection, to name a few. All items are made out of cost effective materials to offer you the lowest cost. The materials used to create the products never fail to make the design look elegant and attractive. Whatever you chose from my store, you can rest easy knowing that every piece of my handmade crafts is made with passion and creativity. I pour my heart into creating goods for my valued customers, and your positive feedback keeps me going.

Instagram @craftsemble or my etsy shop via 

Akem fashions and Designs / #CLIKKISH


My target audience is whomever would love to rock my styles any age group and any size...I want to be able to accommodate everyone if I can. 

Instagram: missmeka_the_model  Facebook: Akem fashions and Designs  Facebook: Miss Meka the Curvaceous Model  Emails: